Aircraft Generators
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Complete Conversion kit including a Plane-Power Gear Driven Alternator and new Plane-Power voltage regulator for replacing the existing generator on small block Continental engines. Uses existing late style Continental gear assembly or optional Plane-Power ER14-GR gear assembly.


Complete conversion kits which include everything you need to replace an existing generator with a Plane-Power alternator and include not only the alternator, but also new Plane-Power voltage regulator, brackets, spacers, and mounting hardware as required for applications listed on the Model Eligibility.


Complete kits which include everything you need to add an alternator to your experimental aircraft engine including not only the alternator, but also all new brackets, spacers, mounting hardware and belt.


Direct DOFF series alternator replacement. Fits both 14 and 28 volt aircraft. Optional Lycoming and Continental mounting kits available.


PMA certified solid-state Voltage Regulators with over-voltage protection, field short (over current) protection, and reverse battery protection which support either 12 or 24 volt applications with the simple change of two jumpers.



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