Aircraft Carburetors
ATN may require maintenance, repairs, and complete overhaul perform your plane magnets. Additionally ATN specializes in historical magnets. ATN can magnets for you certify regulations under the FAA and EASA. Here below is a complete list of the engines to which the magnets are mounted where our people have accumulated much experience:


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All type of magneto's for the follow engine's
Textron Lycoming: O-235, O-290, O-320, O-320H,O-360, IO-360, TO-360, LTO-360, TSIO-360, O-435, GO-480, O-540, IO-540, HIO-540, TIO-540, IO-720, R-680


Teledyne Continental: A65, C75, C85, C90, C-145,E-165/185, O-200, O-300, O-320B, O-360, IO-360,O-470, IO-470, GIO-470, O-520, IO-520, W-670


Pratt & Whitney: Wasp Junior, Wasp Major, Twin Wasp, R-985, R-1340, R-2800


Franklin: 4A-215, 4AC-150, 6A-150, 6-335A, 6V6-245,6V-350,


Fairchild Ranger: 6-440C series


DeHavilland: Gipsy Major series


Rolls-Royce: C90, O-200, Merlin 224-66,


Hirth: HM-500, HM-504


Siemens/BMW: Bramo SH-14


Gnome & Le Rhone: Monosoupape 100HP, 110HP


Clerget: 100Hp, 110Hp


Oberursel: 110HP


Renault: 4 inline (Stampe), 85HP V8


Warner: Superscarab


Wright: Cyclone 14


Kinner: R-51, R-55, R-56


Daimler Benz: DB-601, DB-606,


Anzani, Argus V8, Enma Tigre.

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