Cost-Effective Oil Drain Valves for the Aviation Industry
In 1995, we designed and developed a new 'push-and-twist to lock open' oil drain valve. It was a unique design that received a US patent. This series of oil valve now covers most aviation engines made. The oil valve will accept a 3/8“ hose to drain the hot oil into a proper container for disposal. The standout feature is that the valve stays in place and does not need to be removed during the oil draining process. This means that you only have to safety wire it once, not every time you change the oil.
Lock Open Oil Drain Valves
Changing hot engine oil has never been easier! With the SAF-AIR Products, Inc. oil drain valve, no wrench is needed to remove the drain plug. A simple push-and-turn of the SAF-AIR valve locks it into the open position. The valve is made entirely from anodized aluminum and stainless steel components. These materials are used throughout the aircraft industry due to their strength and durability. FAA & PMA APPROVED.




- Push-and-Turn to lock open


- Effortless operation with a sure-grip knob


- Double-sealed to prevent leakage


- All valves can be rebuilt


- Use a 3/8" ID drain hose (All valves)




  • MATERIAL: 6061 aluminum and 302 stainless steel
  • FINISH: Anodized
  • TEMPERATURE: -60° to +260°F (-51° to +127°C)
  • O-RINGS: Kits available from distributor



    S7516 (3/4-16)


    RM12175 ASSY




    S5020J (1/2-20)


    S1000 (1-18)


    M20150 (20mm x 1.50)








    P5000 (1/2 NPT)




    S6250 (5/8-18)




    P7500 (3/4 NPT)


    F10 (1-18)


    F62 (OLD)






    F62 (5/8-18)






    F50 (1/2-14 NPT)

    Low Profile, Two-Piece Oil Drain Valves
    This valve is the perfect choice for a close clearance engine oil drain application, such as on the Piper Arrow. These low profile oil drain valves are designed to clear retractable landing gears and other restrictions. The valve is very affordable and can be rebuilt. It is a simple procedure to sample or drain hot oil. Merely screw on the opener adapter and slightly open the valve for a sample, or fully open for complete drainage. The valve is made from 360 brass and 302 stainless steel. FAA & PMA APPROVED.




    - F175 (3/4" NPT) F167 (3/4-16) Picture not shown


    - All valves come with a F50-180 opener


    - Both openers use a 3/8" ID drain hose


    B187 (1/8 NPT)


    SA53s (7/16-20)


    SA14 (1/4 NPT)


    SA72 (7/16-20)


    SA18 (1/8 NPT)


    SA82 (1/2-20)


    SA32 (3/8-24)


    SA187 (1/8 NPT)

    Flush-Mounted Fuel Drain Valves
    SAF-AIR Products, Inc. designed its line of flush-mounted fuel drain valves to be an exact replacement for the Auto Valve F391 line of flush fuel drain valves. Unlike the Auto Valve, SAF-AIR valves can be rebuilt. These valves offer a dependable, low-cost solution when a flush mount is needed. These valves are now assembled with an added safety feature- we are now crimping the top of the valves after they are assembled. FAA & TSO-C76 APPROVED. FEATURES:


    - All valves can be rebuilt, simply remove a "C" clip


    - Standard fuel resistant Viton® o-rings included


    - Push-to-test


    - A clean, no-mess way to test fuel


  • MATERIAL: 1144 Steel
  • FINISH: Cadmium Plate QQ-P-416
  • TEMPERATURE: -60° to +260°F (-51° to +127°C)
  • O-RINGS: All valves M83248/1 Size -005 SA72 Size -012, SA32

    Size -011, SA82 Size -015

  • PRESSURE: 60 PSI max

    Oil Valve Chart


    Cross Reference Chart

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