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  • Established in 1959
  • Worldwide Distribution
  • FAA Approved
  • Superior Quality
  • Industry Leader
  • Replaceable O-Rings
  • Aircraft SAF-AIR Drain valves
    After 55 years of design and testing, SAF-AIR Products, Inc. is able to offer a wide range of unique fuel drain valves for the general aviation industry. One of the unique features of our fuel valves is that we use standard o-rings made of VitonĀ® for sealing. This material can withstand a wide range of temperatures and is very durable.


    The most common reason that fuel drain valves drip is due to dirt buildup in the fuel. The dirt collects in the lowest part of the fuel tank where the fuel valve is located. This dirt can cut the o-ring, or keep the valve from fully sealing. In SAF-AIR valves, the o-ring can be replaced when it starts to fail so you can continue to use the valve, rather than throwing it away.


    You can contact us for parts of your aircraft and engine as oil & Fuel drains.
    Fuel Drain Valves
    Since 1959 Saf-Air Products is proud to offer a wide variety of fuel drain valves that stand alone in their longevity and cost-effectiveness. One of the innovative features of our valves is that we use standard o-rings made of Viton which is extremely durable and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. The o-rings may be replaced on many of the fuel drain valves and we offer replacement kits. Also, we wanted to extend the life of the valve, so we now manufacture the push type and the flush type fuel drains in brass. In addition, the push-type valves are available in stainless steel. This is the perfect choice for those around salt water or agricultural uses since stainless steel is non-corrosive.


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    Oil Drain Valves
    Never before has there been a cleaner, easier way to change your oil. Saf-Air Products is the leader of certified oil drain valves in the aviation market. Our unique design received a US Patent in 1995 and now covers most aviation engines produced. Distinguishing features offered on our oil drains keeps our valves the most popular choice of airplane owners and mechanics. These valves are affordable and rebuildable with our replacement kits.


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